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Fruit and vegetables in the house!

Fruit and vegetables in the house!

Taste Week is an opportunity to take stock of our consumption of fruit and vegetables. And in the decor, as much to say that they are welcome to offer a bowl of vitamins to our interior!

Eat fruits and vegetables

To bring fruits and vegetables into your home, nothing like consuming them! To make you want to bite an apple, bet on very decorative and original fruit baskets: some arrange the fruits in a zig zag and others in a pyramid. Equip yourself with a blender or a juicer in order to make good smoothies and don't forget the small utensils that will allow you to prepare fruits and vegetables: pineapple cutter, peeler, etc.

The fruit and vegetable version

In terms of decoration, fruits and vegetables are at heart! They are found on very decorative paintings, on funny stickers, original trays and unusual utensils such as a paper towel dispenser in the shape of a carrot. In the kitchen, fruits and vegetables bring a very playful side while they will give a pop and offbeat touch in the living room. Gourmet atmosphere guaranteed! Discover our selection of very decorative fruits and vegetables: