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These decorative objects that make the pair

These decorative objects that make the pair

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Last month, the "Complicity" inspired course signed Vincent Grégoire at the Maison & Objet show highlighted the figure of the couple. Inspired by the model embodied by life together and the search for a soul mate in an increasingly individualistic society, twin objects, mirrors, entwined or nested were presented. A decorative trend was born, the opportunity to take a closer look at these inseparable binomials that blow us two that, the effect is split ...

The top 5 of Vincent Grégoire's "Complicity" course

More than one creation leading a double game on the course of inspiration of Vincent Grégoire at the Maison & Objet show is worth describing. Esther Shalev-Gerz presented a fascinating clock to say the least. Consisting of two clocks, the hands of each of them turn in the opposite direction to form a mirror effect. The French brand La Ligne Roset signed two decorative scales as well as two armchairs nested one inside the other so that lovers can snuggle up there face to face. Thomas Schnur also evoked this idea through a two-seater bench mimicking the aesthetics of two chairs glued to each other, while Emmobili visited another vision of the couple: that of two different people coming together. The result ? A half baroque, half design chest of drawers.

Decorative ideas to apply at home

In our turn, let's adopt this concept of the winning pair in the house! Even with less sophisticated furniture and accessories, it is possible. It is enough to see life in duplicate. On the coffee table side, we choose sets that fit together to create a relief effect or half-moons that elegantly fit together. A large light with black base and white lampshade will find its place next to a smaller one with black lampshade and white base. Other staging is possible. You can embrace two bouquets of flowers installed in vases side by side or align two paintings on the wall representing the same landscape but through different points of view. This two-person waltz will enhance your decor…